Lakes, Forests and a Tree House in Sweden

Imagine staying in a tree house in Sweden. Not a regular tree house, an architect designed, one of a kind, eco Tree Hotel, in the middle of a forest, close to the Swedish arctic circle.

While I never had a tree house as a kid, it was definitely an experience I couldn’t turn down. A chance to stay in a tree house at the Treehotel in the Swedish Lapland. The big question was which one, do we stay in the UFO, the mirror cube, the dragonfly or the birds nest. As a group of 4 girls, the “birds”, we decided the Birds nest sounded the most interesting.

The Birds Nest was a round room, suspended about 4 metres above the ground. Entry is via a ladder/staircase which descends from the birds nest like we are beaming up to a UFO. Inside, it is very Scandinavian, light coloured wood, minimalistic, everything well made, with a purpose and style.

The Birds Nest
The Birds Nest

One of the main experiences of the tree hotel is being in nature, in the forest and so being ecological and sustainable is a key part of the design of each tree house. The tree houses are built on live trees, the electricity is sourced from local green hydroelectric power, and most interestingly, the houses are not connected to a sewage system. They each have a combustion toilet, powered by electricity, that incinerates the waste.  Definitely a different experience.

Each tree house is different and designed by different architects. The brief was broad, but the design had to be capable of surviving the cold northern winters of the Swedish Lapland. I think my favourite has to be the mirror cube. I love the way it blends into the environment. At some angles it is almost invisible as it reflects the woods and the sky around it.

As well as having a unique design, the food is a delight. All based on local produce, and some delicious desserts.

From the Treehotel in Harads we explored the surrounding area. Every where we drove there were lakes, rivers and forests. We crossed the arctic circle on our way to Muddus National park where we are lucky to see a few reindeer. Signs in the park warn of bears, but we don’t see any bears while we go on our short walk (luckily) and we don’t see any moose either. Just trees, more trees, and water.


We flew from Stockholm to Lulea in Northern Sweden. We then rented a car for  few days to get around.

The Treehotel in Harads was about a one and a half hour easy drive from the airport. We stopped at Gammelstad Church town on the way.

For more details on the Treehotel, visit

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